Tall Pit Fired Vases/Vessels

A few weeks ago John was commissioned to make a tall vase (32″-36″) and pit fire it for a customer’s new home.  The niche is tall and narrow, and lighting became the number one issue.  Up until now we have been focused on lighting here in the gallery or on the road at a show, so this opened the door to all sorts of possibilities.  I think that after several phone calls the issue has been resolved.  I look forward to seeing photos of the vase in it’s new home.

John threw four tall vases over the weekend, and they are drying slowly.  Luckily the weather cooperated (it rained for all weekend) , so they all look straight and uncracked, (if that is even a word).
He was excited to get started, as he has often ‘threatened’ to make really big pots for the pit.  His next step is to make the existing above ground pit taller to accommodate these four beauties.  And I am noodling out how to display them in our now, too small, gallery.
I am awaiting some new tools and materials so I can get started on the mosaic tile installation I have been working on all summer.  Then the fun/worry really intensifies.  I can’t wait.

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