Mosaics: Tools and Ideas: The Beginnings

So, the last of my new tools was delivered today.  Hurray for Fed-Ex. I think I am all set, except after reading and reading I think I should get some stain for the grout.  I don’t want it white.  More tan or even tan/gray.  So one more thing to do tomorrow, more research.  
As usual, I am reading and reading instead of moving into the studio and just breaking pieces into smaller pieces.  I have the vaguest of ideas of how I want the end result to look like, but, as usual, I haven’t begun to sketch it out.  Well, that’s not my usual way of operating.  So, for fun, I’m going to get my pencil and eraser and sketch book out and noodle a bit tonight, with my glass of pinot noir and chips and salsa and see what I come up with.  
At the very least, it will be entertaining. 


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