Ellison Bay Art Crawl preparations

The economy melting down the past two weeks has finally hit the people with disposable income and they are hanging on to it.  Retail can reflect the changes in the economy so fast and wow is it shocking. All business owners were waiting for this to happen, and it is, right in the middle of the fall, which we need to be good to help us through the winter.  So we are looking to our special events to bring people here and cheer them up enough to loosen their grip on their money (I am developing quite a forearm keeping my wallet closed).   Not sure it will work but we have to try and our small group (Ellison Bay Arts Group) here in Ellison Bay is preparing for such an event.
One of my jobs in our small group is the pr for our events, such as the fall and spring art crawl.  Each time I get each gallery’s list of activities I think about how to get the reader to finish the ‘article’.  And my first reader is usually the editor at our locally owned independent newspaper, the Peninsula Pulse , which covers the local news and arts so very well.  So my audience is a multitude of people looking for different things, all important things for me to remember.  And I don’t do this every day, so it takes a few days before I get into the right mind for it.  


The other important item for me is a hook:  what can we do that no one else is doing that we will like and can do for two days.  It’s not easy to come up with something different, since we are surrounded by very creative and wonderful artists and business owners.  But I think we have found something that will be new and fun for us, as well.  So, while we work on creating this fun event, we will also be getting close to a firing which will fill some orders and the gallery with new pots.  Things do NOT slow down here in the fall.  


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