Gotta get back into the studio

I finished this earlier this summer.

I finished this earlier this summer.

I was getting into these boxes.  The first one I made in May was my favorite of the several I made, and I sold it right away.  All good, but I forgot to photograph it. Oops.

Anyway, right now I have orders for dishes and a special garden sign which I agreed to do, but I am wondering just where that will take me.  And I have boxes on my mind.

And then we have a big raku event at the end of October so I have many tiles to make for that and we have 3 big shows in November and all the orders to complete before Christmas.  We are busy, just not making any money right now.

Well, so making this box was frustrating.  I had this idea that the lid and handle would emerge from lines I pressed into the clay.  Instead, it looks alive to me.  All good and all, but my ‘idea’ got in my way and it took a while before I began looking at this with affection.

Spent the day with papers and taxes and meetings.  We have soup stock on the stove and biscuits baked, so dinner will be easy.  I need to get into that studio and finish those tiles projects and make room for the new.


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