New camera

Wow, I was right, my old camera has been the problem all along.  Bad color and fuzzy focus happened irregularly.  I know it sounds funny, like I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I couldn’t depend on this camera for a while now.  

I bought this camera maybe 1999, maybe 2000 when I bought my first laptop, a Sony Viao.  And it was wonderful, I could take photos of our work and print our newsletters or send pics to customers and lots and lots of family photos.  Then, gradually the quality diminished and I would ask photographers and they all told me it was my failure to open it or macro it or something.  Turns out it was worn out.  So, it’s true, they do. 

This one is pretty easy to figure out and I’ve been playing with it and I am happy.  This will make posting on easier and setting up this blog and the newsletter and everything.  I am happy.

John fired the pit this afternoon, dodging raindrops.  So now number two big fern pit vase is cooling outside.  It’s 45 degrees right now and I am freezing.  Not ready for winter.  Last year it began too early and I am wondering if that will happen again.  And our wood is NOT cut, split and stacked.  Yikes. 

But the pit is fired and we can focus on products for the firing in two weeks.  And now, a new camera.


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