New Pit Fired Vase

32" stoneware vase

Pit Fired Fern Vase #2 2008

This 32″ pit fired vase was completed last week.  It’s the second in a series of larger vases, or vessels.  The third is ready to fire.  John has it and several other smaller ones finished, so now it’s just a matter of getting outside and firing it.

John used two terra siggilattas (old mine #4 and red art).  He also stuck many ferns on it.  Not many left out there so soon we’ll be focusing on other techniques.  He also poured a cobalt carb salt washes, and there is lots of blushing going on.

You can see the copper blushing towards the bottom middle of this shot

This was our first effort and we were more than happy with the way the colors turned out.  It’s not the best shot, though.  Too much sun  in the room.  It’s just 2″ shorter, and we think it will look good in the niche.  There is more color on the other side, but you can see the fern shadow close to the bottom. And there are two mystery flashes of copper on the other side too.


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