Production Notes

John is busy trimming the goblets and cups thrown the past few days.  I need him to finish before I can finish my small dishes, as we share the plaster bats.  I did finish over 70 ornaments the other day, and the green dishes need feet, and finishing.  I still have the rest of the bigger dishes and of course, more small dishes.

And then we have the pots for the Raku Rock-Out in 10 days…those need starting even.  Yikes.

We have to have a glaze firing in a week, too.  And I started subbing yesterday, so that takes time away from the studio.

I took images of the recent pit fired ceramics and posted them today.  I was slow taking these, so a few have been sold, and I can’t show them.  But the ones left look great.  We also sold the second large fern vase and they picked that up today.

It’s sunny and 50 now.  The temps yesterday were unreal, and seductive.  I like the warmer weather, but it is October, so those warm days are just a tease.  It has settled down around here, the traffic has eased up and it’s easier to shop at the Pig.  But, Fall Festival is in a few days, so the peace and quiet will be put aside again.  I don’t mind, of course, since we depend increased traffic. And not many more weekends like this are left.

I am excited to see the fish tiles I am desiging for the raku party.  Have to figure out how to hang them fast and safely so I can get them in the gallery.


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