Glazes and Dogs

green river dog pot 20082008

I think it was two years ago when John first put a creature on one of his vases.

Our granddaughter, Taylor, spends alot of time with us while her Mom works and much of it is spent in the studio, of course.  She had been watching alot of Land Before Time videos at her other grandmother’s house and was in love with Little Foot and Sharp Teeth and would beg us to make the whole family over and over again.  So I got good at those thunder lizards and T-Rex’s.  John has made kiln gods for fun, but something snapped one day and he made these dogs and used them instead of his usual small rose and handle treatment.  And we liked them alot more than we thought.

So did our customers, and soon, we had none in the gallery.  So John explored adding them to his pit firie vessels, and we liked them, still.  So once in a while, there will be these lizards, dogs, cats, creatures what ever climbing the sides of his vases.

This glaze is one John read about in one of those ceramic magazines.  Green River is a very active glaze and wow is there a variety.  To me it looks like it’s the living skin of an alien.  Some see plant life.  It is definitely intriguing and in the sun sometimes it sparkles.


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