on Thursday and Friday.  We also have to get our cider, cinnamon and other spices, plus all the great nibbles to go along with the mustards from Seaquists Farm Market.

In the past 5 years or so  we raku’d just once a year, on Labor Day…kinda a busman’s holiday gig. Our friend Joe would come up from IL to rustle up the raku crowd at our good friend’s gallery Charlene’s Gallery 10 for the Labor Day weekend, and then he would hang with us that lazy Labor Day Monday. Usually we eat, drink, uhm, coffee, (wine and cheese much later, of course) and raku.  We enjoy the whole process so much that after this year’s cancellation we had to find a way to get our raku fix.  Brainstorming led to raku-ing this weekend, during our Fall Art Crawl. The weather looks like it will co-operate.
We have plenty of lanterns specially created for this weekend, a new design, which I think is a nice change from the way we used to do things. In the past John would throw two pieces, a dish and then the top part.  After it would dry enough he would carve out ‘windows’.  This new design has holes poked through and it’s in one piece.  The coolest part, (I think at least) is that that are on 4 feet, so it sits quite prettily on the table.  We plan on firing a few in the next few days to get a feel for the process, the glazes and the equipment.
And as if that isn’t enough, John finished the glaze firing yesterday, so new hot pots are in the gallery.  Hope you can join us. I’ll post the results here after the weekend.


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