October 24 Glaze Firing

Taking the last pots out

Taking the last pots out

Here is the kiln….empty now.  It held 240 pieces this time.

Well, lots of successes.  A few ‘ooops’, too.  That’s the way it goes.


Platter (15")

There is a new platter.  Two glazes on this one, mostly blues and golds.  I like the contrast between the glazes.

We have a few bowls with a different rim treatment.  Last firing there were a different new bowl, very shallow and these are the same depth, but with a wavy gravy kinda edge.  Very cool.

Just about 2" deep, wavy edge

Bowl (11" Diameter and 2" deep)

Goblets.  Goblets.  Goblets.

green, turquoise, red goblets

green, turquoise, red goblets

Cups and cups and cups.

2 baskets 14.5"

2 baskets 14.5" dog pot in the middle

Tall candle holders, lots of ornaments for the holidays.  Soup mugs.  New little dishes for candles, teabags, candles, spoons.  Vases everywhere. Baskets, too!!!!!

We have to finish pricing these and make some new raku glazes and get ready for Saturday’s Raku firings.  Rain will stop.


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