Raku Rock Out

I have so many photos and my feet hurt, so I must wait until tomorrow to upload the pics and soak my toes now.  In fact, I am headed for a bath after dinner and get the smoke washed offa me.   Wine in hand, I wanted to record my impressions of today before they blew away in our wind advisory.

So, we got outside in the damp and wind around 10 am and there were plenty of people were driving up and wandering around.  Doing demonstrations during an art crawl seemed like a bad idea right then, since we were just getting the pots in the kiln and nothing exciting was happening.  What was I thinking?

Then, while sipping our coffee, the temperature began to rise and we needed to get those buckets ready.  Action! The part I like.

Those three pots looked pretty good, we tried remembering which glaze it was we used.  John decided we’d have to fire 6 the next time or we would be out there in the dark.  So, even though I wanted to go slowly, we did it John’s way, and he was right.  By the end of the day, we had raku’d 20 or so pots and it was 4:45pm and COLD.

Plenty of people came by and asked all the usual questions.  And then, there are the ‘other’ kind of usual questions.  One was, “Do you understand the chemistry behind why the same glaze looks turquoise blue when it is applied thickly and red when it is thin?” No, I said, I just know that it does, because that’s what the potter who created the glaze said.  “Oh, so you take it on face value?” Well, yeah, why not?

So, finally, we did sell one lantern, to a regular customer.  Thanks Michael.

Our friend Pat stopped over on her walk, some others stopped in to say bye till next summer, it’s time to go to Florida.

My favorite time was when John got excited about one glaze and kept looking at it, wondering how that happened.  That’s what gets us most interested in a process, wondering how and why.  Like cooking, too.  Combine certain herbs and you get an emulsion that defies description.  And since notes were not kept, the quest to re-create the flavor is entered into. Same with pit firing and raku-ing.

I took many photos, as I said, and I hope I am too busy tomorrow to upload them.  It will have to wait until Monday, when all the excitement is over and no one cares, but me.  I will be glad for the record.


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