Moving slowly

red art pit fired vessel

red art pit fired vessel: my muse

This was my first experience with drawing on the surface of a pot treated with terra sig.  I was nervous.  One slip (haha) and I’d have to abandon this whole idea.  So, uncharacteristically, I went slowly.  I am not a patient person, even with all the years of practice I have had at trying that take your time business.  I want it now.  Of course, I’ve learned that my adhd and dyslexia has played a large part in this wonderful personality trait.  But, as I have gone on in my addled life, I have come to not only appreciate my little self, I actually prefer myself the way I am, instead of wondering when I am going to grow up.

I’ve had these kinds of conversations with other people, like customers, friends, (not family, not yet) people at parties, and it turns out that I am not alone.  Well, sheesh…who knew.  Think of all the time and effort wasted in growing up and becoming responsible.

Oh, and I am responsible and reliable to the extreme, and I am still super silly.  Seriously silly, actually.  My children are still not sure about this.

Anyway, I did it.  I was calm.  I focused on the task at hand.  When my mind wandered (as rapidly as I would bring my attention to my pot, sproing, my mind would shoot off somewhere else.  I know you know what I mean) then I would bring myself back into the studio and sit me down and remember what my fingers were doing.  And it turned out I liked that.  The focusing, the returning, the result.

So the other day I was practicing that slow and deliberate atention to wrapping up a pot for a customer and I began to enjoy doing it.  I stopped worrying about getting the job done faster, or better, or getting back to my other work.

This is all obvious and apparent to me as I write this.  I have been practicing that and reading and writing about this for years.  But it wasn’t until I worked on this little pot that I knew it in my bones.

Very cool.


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