Another firing

We are working hard to get pieces done for another firing by next week.  We have a big show in Madison we are preparing for, along with lots of orders we need to finish and ship.

This morning we picked up 30 boxes with lots of Styrofoam inside…free shipping supplies are the best.  A good friend of ours who works for a local electrician hooked us up with the maintenance guy at a nice condominium in Fish Creek and all we had to do is go over there and pick them up.  Got us out of the house for a hour, and then a swing through the Piggly Wiggly is Sister Bay gave us our cheep rolls for the coffee break later.  Simple pleasures.

I am making ornaments using a B Mix white stoneware right now.  I’ve come up with the design theory (!) for these new ones.  And then I have to start the trays…greens. blues, reds and purples.  Those will take a lot longer.  And then my order will be done.  Yeah!

Got a call from the Madison Ballet, the show we’re doing next week, and they had to cancel the Thursday night gala special invitation preview because they didn’t get enough rsvp’s to make it pay.  The response was that patrons would rather spend the money on the art during the weekend, not the band and fancy food.  Hope they mean it.  We are counting big time on this show to make November not so scary.

This past season was screwy.  Our numbers were up from May on until September came, and then we were seriously down.  Too much for me.  Not much sleeping, lots of working.  And I was still recovering from my knee surgery and John’s diagnosis was always hanging over us.  Hard to enjoy anything that month.  Then, October has been better, until this last week.  I have heard people in here say they were afraid to buy anything because they didn’t know what was going to happen.  Me too.  So being small has it’s advantages, but right this moment, I can’t think of them.


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