Production notes:

So, I finished 150 ornaments in porcelain.  And 5 new trays.  Yeah!! I need to make more and I’m not sure we can get this firing done and unloaded by next Wed.  Or at the very least, Thursday early early.

John is making goblets and I have the trays to start tonight and finish tomorrow. And we are taking care of Taylor tomorrow, and running the gallery.  I will be busy.

The weather was great today and I did practically no work.  So I will be rested for the big push until next week.

I thought I would focus on using chrome green and cobalt blue slips along with the rutile and porcelain lines.  And then as I think about this, I change my mind and think, yeah, but bright blues, crazy reds and purples, what about the shiny greens?

So.  What about them?  Better find a way to indulge myself in all the colors I can.


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