Madison Ballet Holiday Market

Setting Up

Setting Up

Defining success is hard.  The show this past weekend is a good example of this.

We had a great firing right last week, so we had so many new and exciting glazes and products.  So many people were happy to see some fine art and craft in a sea of cheap imports, so the feedback was great.  We met many of our longtime customers and made many new ones, who we expect to see next summer.  And we had the best time ever talking about our passion for pit firing.

Pit Firedq

Pit Fired

But our sales were disappointing.  It’s easy to point fingers to explain this.  But in the art show world, you can never really know why one show is better than another, or one year is up or down compared to others.  In fact, that effort to figure it all out can make me crazy.  So, it’s over and we brought home lighter boxes and good memories.


The load in help was awesome, really.  They helped John unload the van and cart the boxes in.  And the coffee was good.  Very important during art show days.

matte green bowl ($240)

matte green bowl ($240)

We had fabulous guys across from us, selling food like dip mixes, soup mixes and an insanely good garlic and cheese spread: Cugino’s Gourmet Foods The smell of the samples (lots of garlic) was maddening. So many people in our family will be getting these for Christmas.  And they fed us!  We sampled the soup and chili Friday night, which saved us from a cold and horribly boring evening.  So thanks guys.

I wasn’t totally bored with no one to talk to.  I took many photos this weekend, mostly of faces of people walking and thinking, or not.  Fascinating, actually.  I began wondering what their stories are, so when the people weren’t interested in pottery, I was interested in them.

anagama blue bowl ($240)

anagama blue bowl ($240)

We had a good visit with friends, who fed us good food and cheer.  Thanks Peter and Ann.   And I saw some great and creative art.

One artist we met Rebecca Peragine of, has some cool ideas about art and paper.  Her booth was called Art and Philanthropy because she also does work in Mexico promoting women and art.  I could hardly choose some items for a gift, there were so many applications of her original designs.

And we were once again able to indulge one of our favorite show traditions: drinking coffee and eating chocolate.  Saturday we indulged in some very fine ‘Pure Chocolate’ made in Wisconsin.  I couldn’t decide whether I wanted the coffee or the mint truffle.  So of course, I bought both.  Good decision.

The bowls shown here are about 17″ in diameter and are about 3.5′ to 4″ deep.  And of course, functional.  We have a few more, one in the deep red we are calling Vegas Red, and another called Everybody’s Favorite Blue.  We will make one just for you, too, and then ship it.  Call and we can talk.


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