Making a living

We love what we do, and so many people point this out to us to prove to us and them that our lives are better than theirs cause we can do what we want.

All true.  We do love what we do, making pottery AND selling it.  Helping make people happy by providing them with beautiful functional pottery.  But, we have no job security.  None.  But our livelihood depends on everyone having a job and whether they can depend on it, and whether or not they can afford all the increases in everything.  Then we all have to deal with the fear and depression (emotional, not fiscal) facing all us each day.  There is no unemployment for us.  No pension, no IRA, no 401k to cash out. No back up.

In other words we depend on our customers.  And that is everyone who isn’t us.  And that can be very scary right now.

This crises has made this perfectly clear to us now.  We, all of us in the country and this world depend on each other to hold each other tight, help each other, be generous with each other.  Panic isn’t the answer.  Going on with our lives with love and generosity of spirit will go farther than hoarding or hiding.  Not an easy proposition, certainly.  But I for one chose not to act in fear, and believe that all will be well, all will be well, and all manner of things will be well.


2 thoughts on “Making a living

  1. I believe the current economic correction the world is going through will in the end be a positive step forward not back!

    It will free the majority of the western world 9-5 zombies, trapped by the need to want more than what we have or can afford to fill the deep void.

    It will/could in time unlock the creative minds of the many who have suffered years of numbing and conditioning by mass propaganda media marketing.

    Once all the debt has been written off we can start again as free people, free minds to ponder what we as a species can add, bring or leave behind to the world not what we can take, need or collect from it.

    A very idealistic view I concur far from reality but it’s a positive vision out of very dark times what ever your occupation!

    Sure the quality of your products and craft will shine in the end 🙂


  2. My hubby and I are learning the same lesson in our business. Actually, it’s one of the positive spins on all that is happening. Nice to see someone else remaining positive and working to spread that around, thanks!
    Dana K.

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