Photos r us

I have to take the photos for all our advertising and pr.  And I am convinced that I am rotten at it.  When we get rejected by the most recent jury, then my fears will be confirmed.

Recently I took what felt like 100’s but in reality turned out to be only around 75 digital pics so I could have them converted to slides for show applications.  It probably took close to two weeks.  Actually, longer, because I first had to talk about this, worry about it and whine so much my family and friends winced each time I brought it up.

It’s a long process, pick the best light in the gallery, move furniture around, pick a good representation of John’s work, measure each, write a description, set each shot up, get the tripod settled, find a chair (I need to sit to do this, shaking hands and bum knee). The arrange each pot, set up the shot, sit down, see an adjustment, get up, fix it, sit down, hate the shot, get up, change it once again.  That was the easy part.

Later with my basic basic photo editing software (I must spend some money and get the basic Photoshop) I agonize over color, my biggest concern.  Finally I select the ones I want converted.  Then I go to the local restaurant to use their free wifi to upload my photos, and it turns out my battery has died.  So no upload.  Oh, I am sitting in my van, in their parking lot.  The restaurant was closed, so that was the best I could do at 7pm.  (We really really live in a quiet, sleepy non-town.)

The next earliest time I could get myself to wifi was 5 days later at a nice coffee house in Sister Bay, Base Camp,  which is below Ecology Sports, also a very nice clothing store.    The upload worked and in two days the slides arrived by Fed-Ex.  (In fact I got the email notification upstairs in my office that it had been delivered! So I hobbled down to the studio and John had the envelope in his hand! Kewl)  Then John picked out the four he liked and we sent them out to present ourselves to a jury.

See, we lead a quiet and calm life here in Door County.  No pressure.


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