Ellison Bay Arts Group

There is a lot of art in Door County and many of those artists live and create in Ellison Bay.

There is a special flavor here, in Ellison Bay  It reminds many of us of old Door County, before the world discovered us.  In fact, sometimes we are described as being north of the tension line.  Many believe that happens when you cross Death’s Door on your way to Rock Island or Washington Island.  I like to think it happens just north of Sister Bay, as I crest the hill past Tannenbaum Holiday Shop.  Open land, old hay fields, ancient apple orchards, new cherry and apple orchards.  I leave the bustle of all that exciting activity behind and look forward to the space that awaits.

Don’t get me wrong.  I like the excitement, the activity, the opportunities to be enlightened and entertained by all the music and theater and other kinds of art.  But it’s nice to know there is a place here, on this peninsula, where the pace is ratcheted down, the light sometimes even feels different.

All of us who live, create and make a living here, in Ellison Bay, Gills Rock and all of Liberty Grove and northern Door, love this difference.  Many want this to never change.  That’s not going to happen, because we are people, and by our nature and by simply existing we cause change.  What kind is the issue.

And one change we actively pursue is to increase our exposure to those lovers of fine art and fine craft who are our customers.  It’s a delicate balance between too much and not enough, and you can rest assured we engage in lively discussions frequently.

So, one artist in our wonderful community Mary Ellen Sisulak, just began a blog, Turtle Tracks, and I encourage you all to  visit it.


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