Shop Locally: Does it count if we travel to you?

It’s not an easy thing to say, but here goes: Please come and shop at our GalleryShop locally, ok?  I do.  I buy groceries from you, medicine, clothes, hardware, meals, beer, gas (both heating and car), newspapers, books, massages, health care.

Cosmic Blue-$68.00

Cosmic Blue-$68.00

I know not everyone likes pottery, or even thinks about buying it as a wedding present, or any kind of present.  It’s not the first thing you think of putting on your wish list.

Ask yourself, why not ART?  Why not buy something that means something, that doesn’t go out of style or wear out or is sustainable and green green green…well, we have reds, purples, blues, browns, golds in a beautiful non representational style, more like the Impressionists of France than the landscapes so many artists of Door County are well-known for.  And for a good reason, they are fabulous.  And so are we.

Mug with Super green FA matte glaze-$32

Mug with Super green FA matte glaze-$32

We have another show this weekend, in Milwaukee.  And here is where my question comes in.  If we come to you, will that be shopping locally? or If you buy from us at our online ETSY store, will THAT be shopping locally?  Will I be willing to accept buying from your local artist, or does it have to me? (Can I be honest?  Chose me, please.  But, we want all artists to survive, so, sure, support your local artist.)

We urge you to shop in a local store, indie-biz if you will, owned by PEOPLE, not corporations (we are not against big biz..really) but we would like to be here next month, next winter, next June, when you take your vacation to Door County and stop in Ellison Bay Pottery to tell us you are so happy we are still here.  Help us be here to welcome you, can you do that, please?

Green Vase with Blue Dog-$260

Green Vase with Green Lizard-$260

Well, maybe not locally, but shop at an independently owned store.  Keep your small businesses in business.  Think about how you will feel, when you get that brainstorm for the perfect gift and we aren’t there to make it for you.  Think about how you have been promising yourself that dinnerware set, or cannister set, or lamp, and now is the time to order it.  And pay off over time. We have been setting up payment plans for years; something we learned from John’s Dad, Thomas Dietrich.  He always believed that it was vital to set a price that regular people could afford, and then make it easy for them to own it.  It’s an idea that we champion, daily.

Or, maybe you yearned for one of Tom Dietrich’s paintings in your home or office.  Pay it off over time.  Work towards putting some value into your money.  Art provides intangible blessings.  And helps us pay our mortgage.

At least think about it.

Small Porcelain Copper Red Vase-$54

Small Porcelain Copper Red Vase-$54

Here’s an interesting website that says this even better than I: Be Part of the Story:


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