Milwaukee Show Update: The pots are safe and so are we

We got home from Milwaukee before 10pm last night, so we made good time breaking down and packing.  Then a fast dinner at a local fast food Mexican restaurant that was enough to get us home without snacking, the scourge of traveling is the snacking urge due to boredom.

Sunday night radio is also boring, so I read and John drives.  And I play the radio, or play with the radio, looking for something for John to listen to.  Usually we listen to public radio, but here in Wisconsin it’s folk music night.  I am not that much into folk music. I heard years ago that if you find there is some music style you don’t like, then listen to it all the time and learn it.  Well, I did that with country and I did it with jazz and blues and folk.  It turns out I just didn’t get into folk, and since we are looking to stay awake, and folk music seems to quiet, introspective IE: sleep inducing. So I move around the dial, finding a lot of sports talk shows, and some religious ones, but no political ones, which are guaranteed to keep us awake.  Finally, maybe 45 minutes south of Green Bay Old Time Radio came on and all was well.  We fell in love with the Old Time Radio times driving home late from shows, or when I am finished babysitting our granddaughter, and then the old shows keep us riveted to the radio.  They are a combination of hokey, cheesy and gosh darned fun, don’t ya know.  I recommend it.

Got us home happy and in one piece.  So, we spent the weekend supporting public tv and public radio got us home alive.  Good times.

Oh, the show.  It was good.  We had sales, and people were happy.  We were happy to be there.  Lamps were big, almost sold out our mugs, (we have more at home, whew) and we met some very interesting people, as usual.  I had a very good time with my friend, Conny.  She’s an architect turned jeweler and her designs Bigib Designs are thoughtful, whimsical and beautiful.  So I finally made a choice and bought a necklace of hers.  There were so many I loved, for so many reasons. I do think alot about some earrings and there is another necklace I liked, but I had to chose.

She has some of our goblets and told me that drinking her orange juice out of our goblets made her feel like a queen.  Now that is something to hear.

John unloaded all the pots, so now, we rebuild the gallery.  The open house is coming fast, and I am thinking chocolate chip cookies….but will I bake them is the real question.


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