Teapot Days

Teapot days in our studio are fun.  John has an order, and usually when he begins something like that, something unusual, he will make several of the same glaze so when the inevitable disaster occurs we have backup.

John works in series, as do many studio potters.  That means that when he makes mugs he sits down and throws 72 of them in a day.  It’s the following days work that turns these simple cylinders into attractive and functional works of art.

While the mug is still on the plaster bat, he brushes on the colored clay slips, treating each mug’s surface as the canvas for his impressionist style of design.

The next day he has trimming to do, and then, if all goes well, he pulls the handles and attaches them to each mug.

And then he starts on the next project, which could be covered jars or goblets, cups or bowls.  He has a very special order for a dear friend of ours that I think he has almost completed: 8 compotes of a special color and design.  These special orders take more time because they are not part of the regular items and can’t be incorporated into the throwing schedule.

We should be ready to have a bisque firing in 10 days, if all goes well.


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