Reaching Out

There are times when I forget the purpose of this blog is to promote our business, and then I read an interesting blog, meet a fascinating person, read a quote that reminds me that we are all truly in this world together.

Sometimes when I hear people complaining that texting or blogging or emailing distances us from our personal relationships.  Caaraaazeeeeeee.  My daughter is in the National Guard and on a training mission and she has wireless in her barracks…..and we can email or even IM….if we wanted to.  Connections.

I would never know about all the interesting people, never ‘meet’ them without cruising the info hiway….

And after a few moments doing this I look out my window and see trees and sunshine and snow and think, someone somewhere is gardening…sleeping, reading, even writing their own blog.  I feel more connected to the world after a stint at the computer.

I found this site: that is like reading a ticker tape down in the belly of a stock exchange…updating every moment…getting the first look at blogs, and letting the world know you have a new post…Very cool.

I can’t wait to discover more pottery blogs and potters all over the world and little ol me here in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin can travel all day…


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