An idea is in there, how do I let it out…?

I am dreaming these ideas, visions, whatever they are called.  I can see them, finished, and wonder where I start.  I did make a few of these earlier in the year, like little windows or small homes, entrances to say a church or sanctuary.  Sanctuary is the word that I come to most often.  I use words so much, and it’s easier for me to explain myself using words, I don’t sketch, and then I get bogged down with dimensions and perspective and forget what I am trying to record.

And what I should do is walk into the studio, dressed warmly, of course, since the cold air from the gallery slips into the studio and then the damn fan warming the house is so loud…I actually don’t like working in there this time of year.  But I have to, I have these orders and this idea that BUGS me all the time.  When I finally get in there then I won’t want to get back up here, or work on the numbers that the end of the year require.  Actually, I have many of suitable excuses to use as I avoid doing the work I should be doing.  Explore this idea of home/sanctuary/windows……of course writing about this just frustrates me.


2 thoughts on “An idea is in there, how do I let it out…?

  1. thank you for putting me on your blogroll!

    sanctuary: seems to me maybe you’re being told to make your studio a sanctuary, not a cold, unfriendly place. i dunno. i do know that my poems order me about, having their way all the time, and i don’t really have a choice about it. maybe it’s like that with your ceramics? your windows and doors sound fascinating. are you going to make them all? i would love to see photos.

    forgive me if i don’t quite understand your blog–i only had time to read your last entry. thank you for reading me! –fc

  2. Sometimes I am working out what I mean when I write, and then when I reread it I learn something. Reading your comments also shows me something new, so thanks so much for taking the time to read and share
    I would like the studio to be more welcoming, certainly. I will be posting photos, when they finally get out of the glaze firing…
    Thanks so much for your input

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