Door County Potters Guild

John was the founding member, along with Abe and Gink Cohn, of the Door County Potter’s Guild.  It was probably just a year or two after John moved up to Ellison Bay from The Potter’s Wheel, Abe and Ginka’s Door County studio and gallery in Fish Creek, WI.,  that John thought getting the potters together to share clay supplies shipping costs and advertising would be a good idea.  And so they set about including the other potters in the area who had both a studio and gallery and were open on a regular basis, something that up here was not a common occurrence at that time.  Many artists held irregular hours, leaving to shop, fish or maybe work that second job to make it.  Establishing hours customers could count on made the artist’s gallery and studio more respectable, and therefore more professional.

This past November, the Potter’s Guild held it’s annual show at the Peninsula Art School and announced the new members.  John and I had resigned from the Guild several years ago but had agreed to re-join our friends and fellow potters, so we were actually one of the old but new members.  The other new members are Chad Luberger and Renee Schwaller.

Chad owns Plum Bottom Pottery south of Egg Harbor and Renee has her Off the Wheel Pottery east of Egg Harbor.  Both are accomplished potters and bring variety and a fresh view of clay to the group.  I am looking forward to working with both of them, and of course, learning something new, pottery or otherwise.


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