Holiday Gifts: Goblets and Ornaments: Art for Every Day

green bell wih blue ($7)

green bell wih blue ($7)

So, I had some ornaments to make, and my usual style of decorating is pretty simple.  I use a small squeeze bottle filled with various colored clay slips, like porcelain, cobalt blue, chrome green or copper red or rutile, which gives a very nice sparkle.  Rutile could be my fave material, the results change with the different glazes we use.  I really like the texture, and the depth.  Anyway, I ‘dot’ the ornament with the different slips, dot, dot, dot.  I make swooping lines like garlands on a tree for variety.  Sometimes I do both.

And then, after maybe 60 or 70 of these, I snapped.  I loosened up my style and started squeezing the bottle harder, softer, then swinging the bottle gently back and forth, sometimes throwing the slip onto the ornaments.  I imagined that Jackson Pollock may have experienced the freedom and enervation that I did.  I was hooked on free and easy.

Copper red and gray goblet ($30)

Copper red and gray goblet ($30)

John throws each goblet in one piece, putting the lump of clay onto a small plaster bat that is slightly domed which creates the perfect base for each goblet.  Once the clay firms up enough (leather hard, potters call it) he trims is down and applies the colored clay slips using inexpensive brushes from the hardware store.  Each one is an expression of the brush, leaving an impressionistic piece of art on the clay, which acts like a canvas.  This goblet has copper red, porcelain colored stoneware clay slip and a touch of rutile, for sparkle or accent, not enough to grab your attention, but enough to highlight what’s going on.

Food safe but hand wash please.

These wonderful pieces of “Art for Every Day” can be found at our etsy shop….


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