Soup Mug Weather

Soup Mug ($32)

Soup Mug ($32)

More snow up here, and we are in a wind advisory, so brrrr.  We are heating up our soup in these mugs as I speak.  By the way, it’s chicken and rice soup.  I like to add carrots, potatoes, rice , spinach, (threw in some black beans the other day) tomatoes, mushrooms.  There must be more in there, oh well, yes:  onions and garlic were thrown into the stock pot.  As was a few drying up apples, which gives the soup something undefinable.  We were able to dry lot of the herbs we grew this summer, so there are spoonfuls of that.  John made a very large pot of chicken stock with all the roast chicken bones etc we freeze over the summer.  So it’s almost free and fun.  I like putting together a soup from leftovers.  Cooking is an art, and one we believe fits nicely with our functional stoneware.  After all, good food tastes better in ceramics, especially made by someone you know.

These soup mugs hold alot, and when we use them in our microwave, the handles stay cool, so they are easy to handle (sic).  We have several in the gallery and I’ve listed this one in our Etsy shop.  If you love a glaze that’s not listed yet, we may have it in the gallery, or we will make you some for your very own.  Right now we are running a 15% discount at our Etsy shop, and if you want to order, then call or email us.  The discount applies to orders, too.

Stay Warm.


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