Pitchers R Us


We love pitchers because they are so versatile.  I collect pitchers where ever I travel, so I have a variety.  And they are all not clay either.  Glass is particular appealing to me.

We don’t use gravy boats anymore.  Pitchers pour gravy exactly where you want it.  Maple syrup (real maple syrup) heated gently in this pitcher stays warm during that relaxed Sunday breakfast.

And who can disagree that pitchers are sometimes the only vase wildflowers need.

The glaze on this pitcher was one of my Mom’s favorites.  It’s a more sophisticated glaze and the green keeps it clean and fresh.  It’s a dry or matte glaze.  We actually have a mundane name for this glaze: fake ash and green.  The story behind this is that this glaze imitates an ash glaze.  Wood ash (or silica) when heated up, melts and has this nice dry yet liquid quality.  There is no wood ash in this glaze but it looks like there is.  Glaze chemisty is all chemistry, and the person who created this glaze wanted an ash glaze without the hassle of working with wood ash.  It is very appealing.


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