The ‘DISH’ on Ceramic Dishes

Little Dish in Clun Blue ($16)

Little Dish in Chun Blue ($16)

Why should you have several of these ceramic or pottery dishes around?

For one thing, they serve so many purposes.  First, they are art and second, they are functional and third, they don’t cost so much, so you can buy more than one.  You get ART for EVERYDAY at an affordable price.  There’s another good reason to have several around: because your best friend or sister or mother or sister-in-law will fall in love with one and viola, you have the perfect gift for them.  These dishes are approx. 4″x 4″.  Some of them sit on 3 or 4 little feet, or just rest on the surface.

Ah, but what are they really good for? They make great:

  1. Teabag Holders
  2. Spoon Rests
  3. Soap Dishes
  4. Ring Dishes
  5. Candle Dishes
  6. Condiment Dishes
  7. Incense Dishes
Little Dish Matte Green ($16)

Little Dish Matte Green ($16)

These dishes are food safe, which means they are dishwasher, microwave, oven safe.  They are made of clay and fired to about 2400F, so that makes them nonreactive to food.  The glaze makes them attractive and easy to clean.  There are no worries about your health when you use functional pottery made in this country.  Potters have been practicing sustainable artists for decades, if not centuries.  Clay is a renewable resource, the earth is making more every day.  And functional ceramics is safe to bake in and eat off of.

You then have a one-of-a-kind piece of art on your kitchen or bathroom counter, your dresser, your dining room table, your wall.

That’s right, they are great for adding interest in a room.  Select several in similar or contrasting colors and arrange them on the wall, like the art they are.  More than once a customer has selected 3 or 5 of these for display on the wall, or a series for their table.

Little Dish Copper Red ($16)

Little Dish Copper Red ($16)

Little Dish Copper Red and Rutile ($16)

Little Dish Copper Red and Rutile ($16)

Buy several so you have solved the last minute gift dilemma or your need to change up that room or table.  Everyone is looking for something different and our ART for EVERYDAY can do that.

All available at our shop


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