Last firing of 2008 and some thoughts about that

Kiln Opening Summer 2007

Kiln Opening Summer 2007

All the pots that needed to be fired are done so in 2 days we will turn our studio into our shipping center.  I feel better knowing that the last orders are completed, and John is thinking all went well with the firing.  We were up until almost midnight last night, watching a movie while kiln sitting. There are no surprises in this firing, except for my wild and crazy glaze combos, which I decided on at the last minute.  If the ornaments look crummy, then maybe I can shatter them and turn them into ‘art’.

There are so many components to making a living with pottery.  Most of my time is spent with the business side, working with numbers, advertising and marketing, organizing all the records and files. It is hard to even think creative much less be creative.  Right now it seems pointless to spend anymore time trying to get some sales.  December has not been horrible, but fall was, so we are closer to the edge than usual.  Most of John’s time is spent in the studio and in related clay activities but he also handles the woodlot since we heat with wood.  I am looking for a job so maybe we can make it through the winter.

Ellison Bay and most of Wisconsin is below freezing.  The sun is shining, so our drive to Madison today will be cozy in the car, maybe with a book on tape for company, and diversion.  Our gallery is open and so are so many others up in the frozen Northern Door County, even our favorite restaurants.  I am thinking a visit to LaPuerta in Sister Bay will be a nice change this weekend.

Funny, we have been waiting for this for months, and I found myself no longer facing the bills and worrying about the future.  All those financial woes seem pointless when we have to face this kind of unknown.  In a few days we will have a plan for John’s tumor and more information regarding that whole mess.  Each time I do a search online I quit, because we don’t even have a clear cut diagnosis, just a test.  Tomorrow we will, and knowing will feel better than imagining.  I will feel better, a little.  Maybe.

The holidays are here, and last year at this time I was totally not feeling it, since Shannon was in Iraq and not here.  Today, we are waiting for her to come home from Japan, and I will have a pal for decorating.  Maybe that will change the mood around here.


One thought on “Last firing of 2008 and some thoughts about that

  1. YAY for shannon coming home. you will have a pal for decorating and everyone knows that when you have a daughter, you have a shopping buddy for life.

    but since shopping is a little grim this year, staying home with your mom is way more fun anyway. i’m happy for you that your little one is coming home.

    happy christmas, chanukka, winter solstice!


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