What’s Up in Northern Door?

Today Gills Rock Stoneware is baking cookies, bread and pizza in their brand new wood fired brick oven.  All day.  It is snowing and almost 20 degrees, which is not bad considering the past temps have been 4 and stuff.

So get on over there, and then come over here, or visit Clay Bay, or Turtle Ridge.  Stop in at the Viking for a hearty lunch complete with soup, check out the Clearing.  Walk through this fabulous snow and listen to the stillness, and our snowblower and chain saw…we gotta have wood to heat our house! and a path to haul it in.  Ahhhhhhhhhh…………the sounds of winter


2 thoughts on “What’s Up in Northern Door?

  1. Hi Maureen, It’s true, it is too far away. I’ts 14F here, we have 8″ of snow on the ground and more to come, and soon, it will get really really cold. It’s nice to think of summer, somewhere. Happy solstice

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