Pit Fire Workshop Book

Exciting news: I had another request for a pit fire book and I am taking the hint.   So, here’s a good New Year’s resolution: finish writing it.

I have been pulling together the recipes we use, the plans that work, the process from creating the work all the way to the finished work.  John has all the recipes and all it takes is typing them.  We have lots of photos, lots of ideas and plenty of experience  conducting these workshops for eight years.  Since we have done workshops for high school students and Girl Scouts in addition to workshops here at our studio or at Peninsula Art School for adults, I think we might actually have something worth something to others.  Or at least I hope I’m right.

The most fun of this whole project is actually planning to finish, instead of talking about it.  I have so many books to finish.  After this one, which shouldn’t take long to complete, is finishing John’s dad’s book.  Tom Dietrich was a well known Wisconsin painter and he finished his manuscript shortly before his death ten years ago.  I have a dear friend who has been pushing for us to finish the book, and with his help, I think next year is the time.  We have so many paintings of Tom’s and John’s mom, Margaret, that there is barely any room in our basement for anything.

Then there is my farm memoir, which is slowly taking shape and then, the novel that’s started last November which asks for me to not abandon it.  And then the clay work, and somewhere in all this, making a living..ie selling those pots.  That’s what I do, here, sometimes.

Anyway, I have to keep looking for a job until we sell more pots, if that is in our future. I intend it to be.


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