Collaborations in Life: Our 35th Anniversary in 2009

2004 Collaboration Platter

2004 Collaboration Platter

In 2004 John and I celebrated our 30th year here in Ellison Bay.

I thought that working on pieces together as in collaboration would be a great way to honor our passion for clay, each other and where we live.  We had a show and small opening party.  And over the year sold almost everything.  Yesterday we sold an art vase we had worked on.  This platter is our last piece and I think I may decide to keep it.

Next year we will have events all year long celebrating our 35th year as Ellison Bay Pottery.  John and I haven’t really talked about this, and with the way things are going in today’s economy, talking and planning about another anniversary seems even more important.

We have a full show calendar  already, and there is just enough time to get the inventory up and the house clean before we open again full time for the season.

These are some of the ideas we are working on this winter:

Tiles….Diane is sketching and planning large installations in both pit fired and high fired tiles.

Smaller is Better…….John has moved into making smaller cups and mugs and there is no telling where that will lead

Large Pit Fired Vessels……except here…that ‘go big or go home’ box has opened

Teapots…..not like 2008….new designs

New collaborations for this anniversary and a party TBA


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