2009 The Year of Giving Back

2009 The Year of Giving Back

New Year’s Resolutions:  1. To begin and end each day with a list of what I am grateful for.  2.To think of the other guy first.  3. To be honest all the time, especially with myself.

My mom, Evadne McNeil, who would have been 83 on New Year’s Day had a few phrases she used to get our attention: 1) What it is not fun, should not be done;  2) What one relishes, one nourishes; 3) You’re nobody special.

That last one used to hurt me a little bit, I have to admit.  I wanted to think she thought I was special, at least.  So, I finally grew up (and I’m not telling when, either!) and realized she was telling us that we are all important and that none of us is more special than anyone else and that we really are all together in this boat called Life.

In an effort to keep that boat afloat for all of us this year, John and I will be donating 10% of our monthly sales to 12 different organizations and in addition we are offering a 10% discount to you in our gallery, on our etsy.com store or over the phone (920-854-5049). This includes orders and art shows.  Can you afford not to take advantage of this opportunity to buy something beautiful, functional and renewable, plus helping others?

Call us or shop our etsy.com store now.  Or drive on up and pick out something in person.  We all want to do what we can and we are doing what we can to make it easier for all of us.

These are the organizations we have chosen for 2009:
January: Feed My People in Sturgeon Bay, WI in honor of Taylor Stai
(21st is National Hugging Day)
February: Heart Association in memory of Tom Dietrich
(28th is Public Sleeping Day)
March: Nature Conservancy of Door County in honor of Dean McNeil, Sr.
(22nd is National Goof-Off Day)
April: Easter Seals in honor of our granddaughter, Isabelle McNeil
(27th is Tell a Story Day)
May: Help of Door County in honor of Vanya Doty
(10th is Clean Up Your Room Day)
June: American Cancer Association in memory of Andrea Dietrich
(15th is Smile Power Day)
July: American Red Cross in memory of Marcia Tucker
(26th is All or Nothing Day)
August: American Kidney Association in memory of Evadne McNeil
(18th is Bad Poetry Day)
September: Alzheimer’s Association in memory of Margaret Dietrich
(6th is Fight Procrastination Day)
October: American Breast Cancer Foundation in honor of Rita Tolsma
(2nd is Name Your Car Day)
November: Veterans’ of Foreign Wars in honor of Shannon Doty
(6th is Marooned Without a Compass Day)
December: American Lung Association in memory of Jack Tolsma
(30th is Festival Of Enormous Changes At The Last Minute Day)

Here is our Calendar for the rest of the winter.
Print it out and save it or bookmark it, because
our e-newsletter is going on a break until May 1
when we resume regular hours.

Jan. 1 to April 30: Winter Hours 12-4pm daily.
We will open for you if these don’t work, so please call or email.
February 7, 9:  ArtiGras Art Show in Green Bay, WI Shopko Hall
March 7, 8:  Weaver’s Guild Invitational Art Show Madison WI Hilldale Shopping Center
April 25, 26:  North Shore Unitarian Church, Deerfield, IL
May 1 to December 31: Regular Season begins 10-5 daily
May 16, 17: Ellison Bay Art Crawl and Our 1st Annual Spring Raku Rock-Out
May 22, 23, 24: Spring Second Sale–come find Almost Perfect Pottery on sale..

Stay warm and keep your stick on the ice!  John and Diane

Come on up to Door County and enjoy a peaceful rejuvenating get-away.


2 thoughts on “2009 The Year of Giving Back

  1. It is a great concept that I believe works. I use Peopletizing which includes being thoughtful, caring, sharing and mentoring. This leaves everyone always feeling good about themselves.

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