This is our thirty-fifth year here in this lovely barn of ours.

John had been potting in Milwaukee and Fish Creek as Abe Cohn’s assistant and then sometime thirty-five years ago, he started looking around for a place of his own.  By chance he stopped in the bank in Sister Bay and talked to Ruthie who told him her grandpa was selling ten acres with a barn on it.  He went over and talked to Sid Telfer, Sr. and by the end of the week he had a land contract agreement to buy the place.  There was no running water, no septic system (four holers) and no heat.  There was a forty year old barn, 70×30, that was everything he had ever wanted.

Now, it’s our home, office, gallery and studio.  We live and work in this building; we raised our family here.  All the ups and downs a family can go through, we have, here.  We love it here.

So, I have plans to do something to celebrate our anniversary.  Maybe a party, maybe new pot ideas, maybe explore all the different ways to get our message out to the world.

Oh, our message.  What could that be?

Hand made dishes, place mats, clothing, napkins, jewelry………anything made by one human being for another, with a human using it in mind, is becoming a passionate cause of mine.  People talk about eating and buying locally.  Why not include those artists and craftspeople and everyone in between and bring back the human connection.

And one way I am doing that is online.  So stay tuned to all the Anniversary Activities going on here.

Put your name on our mailing list and we will keep you connected to Handmade At Ellison Bay Pottery and anything else that we want to share…

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