John made a nice series of teapots in December and I have a few photos of a red one that we just adore.  The variety of reds, deep almost purple and then a shy kind of soft maroon.  Lovely.

Copper Red Teapot

Copper Red Teapot

This teapot probably holds 4 C.  I love my red one, a bit of a different style.  Each series John finds something new to explore.  These have a kind a skirt that waves, sits on little feet.  I took the face on shot to show just how straight the spout and handle are.  Most people don’t know this about handmade teapots, that the spouts and handles will twist during a firing, revealing the torque or energy stored in the clay from the manufacturing process.  Which of course is what we and all functional potters do: manufacture.  By Hand.  Pretty cool.

copper red teapot


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