A Winter Break? Maybe from pottery.

Although we are kinda on a break, I have been busy getting new things started and keeping up with ongoing projects:

  • Our pit fire lens on Squidoo is completed.  It doesn’t take long to create it and more are planned.  It’s deciding which photos to upload and then the writing. My next step is to get more links to other potters and then information for those interested in furthering their education.
  • We do have one of these tall (32″) vases left and I have uploaded production photos  on our  Squidoo lens. The great thing is that I can easily upload photos.   Can’t wait to get to more tomorrow.
  • We have some kewl ideas for the studio…right now we are thinking making little creatures for the next winter pit fire so we have then for the Green Bay show in February (Arti Gras)

We are finally getting back into the studio after a much needed break where we:

  • Mailed all our orders!!~~~~Thanks to all our customers for your support and faith in us!  We love you, too!!
  • Made Christmas at our house~~~and everyone was here this year..our little soldier and our traveling scholar and our 2 granddaughters (and their parents, of course 😉  !!!!!!!)
  • Cleaned my house, finally in anticipation of all the Christmas stuff, and man, was it dirty.  Since our house and studio are open to each other while we are busy potting and glazing and packing and walking dogs etc., I DO NOT clean.  It glows now, since we are having one more holiday party in a week, and then I slide back into my usual routine.  (a bit more dusty is all I’m saying)
  • We’ve been cutting wood, stacking wood, splitting wood, covering wood.  Oh, we heat with wood, and it was buried under a few feet of snow.  We were unusually busy this past fall, so John’s usual plan to work on wood for an hour everyday was pushed to the end of the list.  Thank the gods for last year’s stacked wood.  Anyway, we have a line on a free splitter so we will be splitting and stacking all week, in between the potting, of course.
  • I have begun the slow painful job or sorting through all the papers I stacked at the end of the year and getting my work space all set for the big T of Taxes.  Once we settle into our winter routine, and everyone’s birthday is over and people go home, I will have few distractions and will finally get this finished.  I am actually looking forward to that.  Or at least that’s what I tell myself.
  • We have big ideas for the 35th Anniversary Celebrations this year.  35 years.  Wow.

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