Loading the Van

This is hardly pottery related unless you are a potter on the prowl for some people to sell pots to.  In which case you can relate.

It takes John several hours to decide which pots he’s taking to the show.

And the hardest thing to know is: ‘What People Want To Buy’.

We don’t know.






Well, then.  Add this to the need to see into the future.  We don’t know what our booth space will look or feel like, so setting up the display can be harder.  And then, the pots have to work together and make each other look good.  They do all get along, we are lucky, so that’s not a problem 😉

Then, we have to re-arrange the pots left behind (they are a little sad, true) so that the gallery looks good.  That’s my job.

I pull together all the literature, the biz cards, the posters, the pit fire information, the price tags, tape, naproxen, hand lotion and cash for the cash box.

The biz of art and pottery and art shows.

I can’t wait for this one.


4 thoughts on “Loading the Van

  1. oh here’s the comment box! you can’t wait for this show–is it a special show? maybe the first one of the year? maybe in a warmer place ???? 😉

    –ready for pitfiring workshop in virginia

  2. hey fish…good to hear from you I was thinking about you the other day. I am ready for a pit firing too, but it is TOO cold here, so I have to wait.
    actually it is warmer today, only 9. I am working on the book, though, so that helps.
    I am looking forward to Green Bay for two reasons, I need a break from this place and Johnny and I can hang out together and then, well, there are the chances to meet new people, sell some pots, promote the arts and eat some cool food ;-o

  3. oh, the old winter vacation! i hope it’s wonderful! thanks for thinking of me!

    which book are you working on? the memoir i found yesterday? i like it!

  4. I’m working on that memoir, a novel (hardly even there, but I still believe in it), the pit fire book and then the book my husband’s father Tom Dietrich (WI painter) wrote before he died over 10 years ago which we want to finish and publish.
    I am tired just reading this! but I am having fun.

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