Green Bay Arti Gras

We were busy all day.  It’s a good thing John packed those extra crates so we can fill the holes in our display.

And I found a great artist right next door to us.  I bought a cow painting from Bruce.  I’ll post a pic of the one I picked and will bring home.

There is a glass artist across from us; I think I picked out my fave and I will get it tomorrow.

Here is a pro for art shows I had forgotten.  I can discover an artist and buy a piece from them and carry the moment with me forever.

I am looking for work that means something to me, but more importantly, means something to the artist.  Expresses something they know, or shows something they learned.  And, I don’t want something that is made with too much thought;  I don’t want something that is controlled.  I like the element of surprise and taken by surprise.

I promise the photos I take tomorrow will go up next week.

Sometime I will find that time.

Anyway.  If you have the time tomorrow, come on over.


One thought on “Green Bay Arti Gras

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