Studio Daze

So the other day John mentioned he was thinking of making larger ‘creatures’ and perhaps pit firing them.

Actually, we were driving back from the show in Green Bay when he told me that.  He’s not going whimsical so no worries there.  Whimsy is all fine and good, but we aren’t.  It’s more of a sculptural move instead of a quirky cutesey move.

I on the other hand have these ideas/images/visions  of small scuptural sanctuaries or secret places.  Not shrines.  i am still working on this.  The difference between writing is that I have to come up with the write/right word or phrase or sentence.  With clay I have to get out of my way and work, and then resist the requests for explanation.  I like that more, sometimes.  It’s more intuitive, elemetal, organic.  And then, there are times when writing is all there is.

Story telling in all the ways we can think.


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