Success ~ Artists We Were Taken With at Arti Gras

“It is not uncommon to commiserate with a stranger’s misfortune,

but it takes a really fine nature to appreciate a friend’s success.”

Oscar Wilde

Well, I don’t know how fine our natures are, but we find it easy to appreciate our fellow artist’s successes.  We know how hard it is to keep up that creative drive and make a living.  Go Us!

Some of these people we have known for a while, some we are developing art fair friendships and some are brand new in our address book.  I can only say that I didn’t meet all of the great people there this past weekend.  Not enough time, gratefully, for we had our fair share of customers, too.  And I wish I won the lottery two days ago.  My Wish List is growing.  I did manage to pick up some seriously interesting bottlecap necklaces, made by Jill Grau Tortorella’s (Antioch Pottery) daughter, which I did not resist.  And then, I am passionately in love with cows, as many know, because I used to be a dairy farmer and had a very up close and personal relationship with, well, at least 100 of them.  Bruce Bodden has a way with them on the canvas, and he told me that that’s the point of his art, to make people happy.  I am.


Bruce Bodden


Martin Dargevics

Melvin McGee

Mixed Media

Judy and Dave Hedblom


Peggy Gramarossa


Shari Stegmann

Michael Thee


Nicholas Rostagno

Antioch Pottery



Thomas C. Marlega

Words cannot describe Tom’s photographs, of course.. that picture is a 1000 words thing is true, sometimes.

He loves cemeteries, as do I, but for different reasons.  I traded for photos last November, but not yesterday, and now I am regretting it.  Next time he will have something new.  If you get a chance, find him. No link,yet.  I am hounding him and will update soon.


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