Copper Reds

round-csi-vaseIt’s like the Holy Grail…a copper red glaze.

As soon as we find one that we like, we begin the journey of repeat-ability.  Can we count on this?

Not always.  The atmosphere in the gas kiln is so very important.  The thickness of the application.  What other pots are in this kiln?

We have three right now, with interesting, personal, names.

One is called Simple Red, because there are few ingredients.

Another is called CB, because of the ingredients, which I don’t remember and I don’t have to.  John is all over that.

The last, most recent, and most interesting, is a glaze developed by another potter, which initially was meant for porcelain.  He called it Vegas Red….suggesting a party to me. We changed that for very personal and totally non-pottery reasons.

We love the television show CSI, which is in Vegas.  Our girls got us hooked on reruns and that was it.

I know, it’s more fashionable to say we don’t watch tv.  We watch.  And read. And nap.

And that’s how we changed the name of that fab glaze.

We also put it on stoneware…and that changes everything.  It’s a great thing.

Recipes are available.  I have to find that 3×5 card.


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