Art is science made clear. – Jean Cocteau

Art is science made clear.
– Jean Cocteau
Oh, this is so us.
John says ceramics is alchemy, that is we turn clay into gold. We talk about science all the time. Science is art. We have a friend, Stephen, who’s brother is a virologist. Stephen and his wife created this vases, vessels, covered jars little drinking cups that were inspired by what viruses looked like under a microscope (actually they were a certain kind, but I’ve forgotten now).
Another aspect of this is how early people discovered fire, hardening clay and the uses. Why they decorated them. How they figured stuff out. Why did they even ask those questions and what were those questions.
So in our pit firing we are always learning the history of this art/science project we have going here.
There’s more to this. And I have plenty of time to think about it.


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