Valentine’s Day and Collections

I know it’s past the big heart holiday that we didn’t ‘celebrate’ with cards or chocolate.

I bought John some new jeans since he had turned all of his into studio/splitting wood/ clearing snow jeans and new t shirts so now we have tons of new rags…we are excited about that.  In fact it could be that Charley, Shannon’s rat, will be using up those rags faster than I will cleaning so he is the beneficiary of that development.

And John did mention he would make something for ‘us’ but then he got sick, and I babysat our granddaughter so her mother could work, so that went our romantic moment.

BUT then on Sunday John dragged himself to the kitchen and made a very nice dinner while I worked and that was damned romantic in my book.

I wouldn’t stop him from giving me a gift, but since I have insisted that furs and diamonds are OUT (I have way too many ;-D)  he sometimes wonders if I can stand one more book as a gift.  One can never have too many books, or shoes or handbags for that matter.

I am also a nut for ceramic bowls and when he designs a new shape or uses a new glaze I have, have, have to have one in the house.  Oh, then, I am the same silly person when it comes to pitchers.  I have four right now in varying sizes and there are days when I walk into the gallery to work I see one more that I want.

I limit my pitcher collection to seconds, and that means twice a year right before our second sale, I go through what we will sell and compare the pitchers to those on my shelves.  I do the switcheroo sometimes.  Keeps the cupboards fresh, and slightly confusing for the other peeps in our house.  But that is part of it, the fun of mixing and matching.

There is something satisfying about a collection of greatly loved pottery, whether it is a pitcher, mug, plate or bowl collection.  I especially like it when I can find the time to change out my kitchen and get my collection out so I can look at it each day.

We have some pitchers and bowls on our etsy site…another place to find that treasure just for you or someone you love after Valentine’s Day.


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