Pottery in Ellison Bay – Art For Everyday

What’s up in the studio this week?

John is finishing the throwing and trimming part of his firing schedule. We should be firing next week in anticipation of the next show in Madison in March.


BIG NEWS: His bi-annual pitcher and sugar bowl series is in this firing.  He only does this every other year, so get them while they are HOT.  Wait too long and people will break up the sets.

buttersmbWhat else is in this firing?  Small butter dishes, which are also good for hot dips and candy and little bitty dog treats for little bitty dogs will be in this firing.  These are all functional, or food safe.  Microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.  Art for Everyday.

In anticipation of spring and the beautiful and delicate flowers we are all yearning for now, he just finished a series of 5-6 inch tall vases, with the rims flowery and fluttery, like petals.

All designed for everyday use, and decorated in John’s signature style and made just with you in mind.


fasggoblet2It seems like we have goblets in every firing.

cb-csi-gobletThey are popular because they are unique.

Thrown in one peice.


Imperceptibly imperfect. As imperfect as we can get, being human and all.

A kind of northeast Wisconsin expression of wabisabi.


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