Consumed – Happy Medium – The Craft Chica –

Consumed – Happy Medium – The Craft Chica –

I’ve been reading and hearing how the DIY movement, the crafting at the kitchen table, the make-it-yourself movement hearkens back to the days when people made do with what they had: the Depression, back to the land people, the hippies and now these people who re-use and recycle.  And the word CRAFT is everywhere.

But the word CRAFTSMAN is not.  The use of the word crafts or crafty is confusing to me, and we work in fine craft daily and are professionals.  The work all of these brilliant people who work on this on the side, on weekends and on summer break to make an extra buck (pin money-anyone remember that?) bumps right into those of us who have studied and practiced our craft for decades.  Runs smack dab into master craftsmen and women, master potters, furniture makers, weavers, etc. who know what they are doing and charge accordingly.

I lovelovelove all the funky crazy work these passionate people who must create offer.  Their overhead is low, they already have a ‘day’ job so they can make stuff whenever.  Artists, whether fine art or fine craft, are working the art and it IS their day, night, weekend job.  It is ours.  We are in the studio all the time all year around.  Working the clay, selling the pottery, getting the word out, creating new products from the crowd of ideas filling our brains.  We can’t stop either, but the mortgage is sometimes the driving force.  Banks do not take pots in trade, we were told!

This Craft Chica is cool and she’s turned her passion into a thriving business.  I loved her site and reading her stuff.

My questions do not center on her, but on the buying public who do not know the difference between crafters and craftsman/women, and then respond to the price difference based on poor arts/crafts education.

That’s why our mission here is to educate our visitors (who could become customers easily 😉 !) in the mysterious and intriguing ways of fine art and fine craft.


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