Pottery On The Road: Potting For Dollars: Madison Weavers Guild Invitational: 2009

I can hear John sanding and scrapping the edges of the bisque ware, getting rid of what we call ‘nerds’.   Nerds are not geeky guys with pocket protectors.  They aren’t alive at all, at least not as far as I can tell.   They are the sharp edges and bits left over from trimming that harden into poke-y things during the bisque firing that we remove before glazing the pots.  It is without a doubt my least favorite part of the glazing process.  It’s dusty, and the noise, ugh.  In the same category as fingernails on…….I don’t have to finish, do I?

I have to join him soon.  My guilt is pushing me towards the studio, which is open to the rest of the house, so when he is working I can hear him.  And he can see and hear what’s going on in the house.  We are together, and not, all day.  It is actually a fine way to live and work, if you can stand the downsides.  I may get into those, later, but right now, I am too interested in today and the firing we are working on this week cause we are on the road again on Friday:

We Get To Go To Madison For Fun and Profit: The Madison Weavers Guild Art Show

Why am I happy?  We get to hang out with friends, see new artists, get a boost of enthusiasm about our ‘job’ and eat food.  Really it could that be eating food is at the top of the list. But no, to be real about this, I am excited because we will get to connect with lovers of art and buyers of the same.  Because one of the reasons we do this (pot) up here in Ellison Bay is for people to fall in love and take one home to enrich their lives.  Because functional pottery and art all makes us better people.  Pottery is a Mood Lifter, if you will.

Just in the process of becoming a permanent member of our pottery product family are Ikebanas, so new I have no pics of them, they are kinda naked (no glaze) right now.  That’s how new they are.

John made a whole bunch of small mugs, which we introduced last year at this show to a great reception.  I was totally against these.  Too small, I said.  I was wrong.  I like being wrong in these cases.  John has a great sense of what people like.  He should after all these years (42 now) in the clay biz.


Our Gallery looks like this, right now.  The sun is shining and the place just glows.  If you can’t get here, or see us at the show in Madison try our etsy.com site or call us: 920-740-5849 or email us at dmcneil@dcwis.com.


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