You’ve Got Gifts to Buy~We Can Help with Art For Every Day~Functional Pottery

Another big season of gift giving is here:

Graduations ~ Weddings ~ Anniversaries ~ Mother’s and Father’s Day ~ Birthdays..always birthdays ~ Housewarmings~~~

and then there is you, don’t forget you.

You can find the perfect affordable gift here and we can ship it for you. No more dashing to the store to dig through all the same old same old. We are online all day and all night, or rather our online gallery goddess ( is.

You can still get that 10% discount on each sale AND this month we will be donating 10% of all March sales to the Door County Nature Conservancy. How did we decide on this organization for March? It’s been a long winter and we are looking forward to spring, as we are sure you are. March and Green and Nature sparked the connection for us and we love the whole keep the land for the people concept.


Mugs in all shapes and glazes make the nicest birthday or retirement gift.


Goblets for the happy couple on their wedding or for their housewarming.


A small covered jar perfect for storing and serving butter or margarine, baking and transporting hot dips to potlucks, candy for yourself, guests or your children and grandchildren or doggie treats for little doggies.

Just about 2" deep, wavy edge

Just about 2" deep, wavy edge

You can find in our gallery bowls of all sizes, cookie jars, large casseroles, goblets, vases, candle holders tall and short. Call and we will help you find that gift they will remember.


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