Pottery in the Mail

John is packing up an order to ship.  The rule of three, ever heard of it?  Three inches of packing peanuts between each piece.  But first, he wraps cardboard around each piece, in this case 10 cups and a creamer and pitcher set, kind of making a box of sorts around each one.  Then: he finds a box that is big enough to accommodate the order; he thinks he may need two, or one bigger one.

We recycle boxes, and other packing materials, for others.  This makes the handling (packing) part interesting.  We keep our prices down by NOT buying any shipping materials.  Wait, tape.  We buy packing tape.  By the carton, too, as you can imagine.  But, it also makes finding the right sizes like a treasure or scavenger hunt.  By the way, if you have any boxes and no room, we would love to put them to new use.  My friend Suzi is delivering Girl Scout cookies and we get all the boxes from that.  Yeah! 🙂

Once he has wrapped the cups, they get pushed and wiggled into the box of peanuts until they are in the right spots.  More peanuts, sometimes a few more than you think, preventing shifting.  John has been potting for 43 years and packing for almost as long.  Tape and label.

The final step is visiting our post office.  Many people do Fed Ex or UPS.  But we like the PO just 2 blocks away.  Robert, our postmaster is really good as suggesting ways to save money.  Yes, it’s true.  They are supposed to ‘sell’ to us, since each PO is a little business, but Robert will question some shipping choices and suggest more economical ones. That’s shopping local for ya.


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