Great Pit Fire Links and our Book Update

While researching for our book (tentatively and affectionately called Pyro Potters or PP) these past winter months I was reminded again and again of the myriad ways of clay and potters.  There is no one way to do anything, and if there is even hint of a suggestion to try this one material or this one technique we are off and running. And I mean with no thought to the consequences.  Well, we have stopped short of disaster and we haven’t burned anything we didn’t plan on burning in the first place.

This pit is ready for us to fill with wood and other combustibles.


Potters know how to have fun and if it includes fire, then all the better. We’ve learned we aren’t the only ones, too!


Pit just getting started.

Our Book can be pre-ordered HERE

Here are some of the links we like.  Someday we will get to try all of these ideas.  If you have done them or plan to, let us know what results you got, what you liked and didn’t like.  Send pics.  Send links to pics.  If we could travel we would be there in a Wisconsin minute.

Above Ground Pit at Robert Compton Pottery

Advanced Pit Fire Techniques by Eduardo Lazo

Pit Fired and Smoke Fired Pottery by Ed Gray

Pit Fire, Horsehair and more by Rob Drexel


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