35th Anniversary Celebration: #3 in a Series of 35: Hot Air Balloons


Free Balloon Rides

I’m not sure how this will work.  Behind our barn is an old apple orchard, which is about 3 or 4 acres, that might be suitable for this.  I would have to alert my lovely neighbors, who would certainly go for this for a ride I think.  Small price to pay for such a grand gesture. (My thanks to cool potter Mary Ann Davis for this suggestion.)

Remembering Other Balloon Ride Opportunities

It’s not like this has never happened in our neighborhood.  Years ago, when I (and my husband, John) was living here in Door County in our separate worlds we attended the same party (no we didn’t ‘bump’ into each other then) which was just a half mile from here.  There were beer trucks, a band (Keg Belly) bonfires, port-a-potties and hot air balloon rides.  I should call Paul up right now (no wait, he’s delivering the mail, I’ll have to leave him a message) and find out just how that worked.

In The News

And this ‘years ago’ is like the early 70’s.  We walked through the woods in the dark towards the music and bonfires.  I heard about this party at one of the local bars in Fish Creek.  I think that kind of news dissemination goes on today.

Planning Stages

We would do it differently, this time. I mean, no beer trucks and Keg Belly is no longer.

What does this have to do with POTTERY?

Not much.  But then I am thinking party, not pottery.  We will have plenty of pottery centered fun this summer too. Maybe it will be part of a pottery fair..instead of an art fair, have a pottery fair.  All you potters out there fill your trunks and we will have a Trunk Sale. Just a thought.

Suggestions? Win A Stoneware Mug.  Enter the MONTHLY COMMENT DRAWING

If you have any suggestions on how to go about fulfilling this dream, if you know someone who has a hot air balloon and is interested or if you just have something to say about this, leave me a comment.   Our MONTHLY COMMENT DRAWING will close April 30.  A free stoneware mug could  be yours if we select your name.   Mary Ann’s name is already on that list.  Join the fun.



One thought on “35th Anniversary Celebration: #3 in a Series of 35: Hot Air Balloons

  1. I think the fair idea is great but do a renaissance fair with pottery as the theme. face painting, pottery painting dressing in english or even better scandinavian outfits, food or smogesbord and people can wander and come and go as they like. Go into the evening with firepits and music or have that during the day also. Have fun. Hot air ballons would work with this also.

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